Parrots for Purpose and Pet Friendly Flooring

Pet-friendly flooring in Brisbane and Gold Coast

We are fortunate in our trade to meet some remarkable people and Michael from Parrots for Purpose was no exception. So, when we received a call from him about his floor, a myriad of bird calls could be heard on the other end of the line. Upon meeting Michael at his premises, we also had the pleasure of meeting his beautiful birds.

Whilst surrounded by these magnificent creatures we learned of Michael’s tragic beginnings to his now thriving business. Michael was the Guest Services Manager at Dreamworld on the day that the Thunder River Rapids ride claimed four lives on 25 October 2016. What Michael experienced on that day had a profound effect on him mentally and physically. Subsequently, he decided to move on from Dreamworld a few months later, suffering from depression and anxiety. He noticed, however, that animal presence alleviated his condition and helped him get through tough times. He found birds were small enough to care for easily, and had tons of personality and ongoing ‘chirp’. Their colourful plumage and ever-changing curiosity provided a mental diversion people with such conditions seek. Being an indoor pet also means those suffering from anxiety can stay indoors. And thus, Parrots for Purpose evolved.

Pet-friendly flooring in Brisbane and Gold coast

Michael now works with companion birds to support people with mental and physical disabilities. His gentle and caring nature is reflected in the animals we had the pleasure to meet, be sat on and chirp to. Parrots for Purpose has provided more than 500 companion birds, and this growth is more than he ever imagined when he first embarked on this venture. Michael's life experience and desire to help others in a similar situation have ignited his entrepreneurial spirit. Through hard times, Michael has realised his true legacy in the success of his endeavour.

Our mission for Parrot for Purpose was to provide an epoxy system that is safe for animals and offers a seamless finish where no cracks or joints for bacteria to hide. Making it easier to maintain a high level of hygiene to keep the birds safe. Upon installation we added almost every colour of the rainbow to the epoxy coating, to brighten the area and match the heart-felt work happening at Parrots for Purpose.

Our many years of experience working with pet resorts, shelters and councils indicates epoxy flooring is a pet-friendly solution that minimises the impact of indoor pet-related messes. Porous concrete or liquid seepage provides a biologically hazardous breeding ground for nasty germs, unseen with epoxy flooring. The professional application of epoxy coating over the concrete base also extends the life of the floor.

Pet-friendly Flooring in Brisbane and Gold Coast

At Tough Floors, we know the importance of creating a safe and healthy environment for our pets to thrive. Get in touch with our team of passionate, experienced epoxy flooring contractors today for a fast and accurate quote. Give us a call on 1300 882 875 or visit our contact page, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We serve the Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast areas.

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