Epoxy Floor Colours and Finishes

Choose from a pre-mixed design, or let your artistic side emerge and create your own unique finish.

Flake Finish

There are basically two types of flake available in Australia - an acrylic paint flake and a PVA or polymer decorative vinyl flake chip. We choose to use the PVA flake for these reasons:

  • It tends to ‘crumble’ less, meaning that it spreads more consistently across your floor.
  • It’s UV stable (non-yellowing)
  • It goes further, so there is less waste
  • the top sealant coat (most often polyurethane) tends to suck in less to the vinyl PVA flake and therefore produces a better looking finish with more polyurethane on the floor rather than in the flake.

Flake is quite a versatile product. Clients mostly opt to cover 100% of the floor but you can stipulate the percentage (roughly) so that the base colour shows through more.

Typical of this scenario is mechanical workshops where tools are more easily found with less flake coverage but there's enough flake to break up the solid floor colour.

Garage Blend


Biscuit Projects


Lamington Projects


Liquorice Projects


Mocha Projects


Oreo Projects


Popcorn Projects


Rum ‘n’ Raisin Projects

Choc Cherry

Choc Cherry Projects

Refined Blend

Hawaiian Kahe

Hawaiian Kahe Projects

Melbourne Mist

Melbourne Mist Projects

Moroccan Desert

Moroccan Desert Projects

Tokyo Snow

Tokyo Snow Projects

Jamaican Ya Mon

Jamaican Ya Mon Projects

Kenyan Uzuri

Kenyan Uzuri Projects

Metallic Finishes

Want something a bit different? Consider adding a metallic finish for your floor, splashback, tabletop or even a wall feature instead of a flake finish. This can be used to rejuvenate old and tired areas or tied in with your interior design for a new build, office fitout, a point of difference with your signage and entrance area.

There are so many possible combinations, design aspects and application possibilities that this is an art in itself within the resin epoxy industry.

It’s made from using one or many coloured metallic epoxies or powders to create any pattern or design you can think of. The metallic level is sealed in a sandwich of durable and long lasting epoxy coats, and the final top coat is your choice of matt, satin or high gloss (wet look) finishes.

The final appearance will depend on your substrate (mostly concrete). As the metallics we typically use are self-levelling, any undulations in the floor can either be levelled first, or left in for the metallic epoxy to flow and create its own effect. The results can be spectacular and result in added depth and character.

NOTE: we currently only operate in the SE Qld Region