Epoxy flooring is emerging to be one of the most desirable floor finishes of them all...



Epoxy flooring is fit-for-purpose and functional flooring that will last for many years. Added benefits include protecting your concrete from wear, and excellent chemical and abrasion resistance delivered with our heavy duty products.



Protects you, your family, friends, customers, staff and visitors from slips and falls.  We add appropriate quantities and grit sizes of slip resistance to each indoor or external area, taking into consideration wet areas and the way the area is used.



With a seamless floor, bacteria can’t hide in areas like grout lines and crevasses.  This low allergen option is another reason why many people are moving away from traditional flooring finishes. Epoxy floors are also easier to clean and maintain.



We can offer you many choices of colour, style and effects. Opt for one of our beautiful two-toned, metallic or glow-in-the-dark flake finishes from our extensive range, or we'll work with you to design your own unique and impressive finish.



As epoxy has evolved to become a mainstream flooring option, the benefits include adding resale value.  Why?  When it is installed correctly using superior products, it can outlast many other forms of flooring.

Epoxy flooring can be used in every type of property – inside and out


Epoxy flooring is an economical and durable choice for reinventing your garage space, whilst protecting your concrete floor. Beware - it does create a lot of envy!

External areas

Few flooring finishes can handle the elements of the outdoors.  With slip resistance added, it’s ideal for driveways, pool areas, footpaths, patios and staircases.


Epoxy finishes are the new black for interior designers.  Hygienic and easy to clean for kitchens, bathrooms and laundries.  Metallic and marble effects create stunning statements in hallways and living areas.


Designers and Architects love epoxy floors due to the wide choice of finishes and because it can withstand heavy traffic, chemical and oil spills, and adhere to OHS requirements.

Here are a few of the many commercial clients who have engaged us to transform their premises with stunning epoxy flooring

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    Choosing the right installers is also crucial. You need expert advice, minimal disruption and a perfect job.



    We have many years' experience, an extensive Tough Floors BOK (Body of Knowledge) library, and an open, collaborative and educational environment with our team, suppliers and regulatory bodies. This means we deliver the best systems, processes and quality of workmanship.



    We only  use tested and trusted epoxy resins from reputable suppliers, and our team is trained and accredited to use them.



    The safety of your family, property and our team is our first concern. We abide by all OH&S regulations, Australian Standards and manufacturer specifications.



    We treat YOUR project as if it were our own, or for someone within the family. We follow up enquiries promptly and clearly communicate options and expectations. Most importantly we deliver respectful customer service which means punctuality, cleanliness, and courtesy.



    With ongoing new technology developments and product claims, we undertake research and destruct testing regularly, to ensure our team stays up to date, and we continue to bring only the best quality of designs and finishes to our customers.

    Stunning floor transformations

    garage before garage after
    Interior before Interior after
    kindy before Kindy after
    Tile-2-Before Tile-2-After

    Epoxy Flooring

    Paul Stovell, Chelmer

    "Euan from Tough Floors did a brilliant job, not just from a floor/product point of view, but as a company to work with. We booked the floor in and when the day came they messaged me the day before to confirm they'd be coming. On the day they were running slightly late but messaged me again to let me know. They are very polite, friendly, approachable, don't laugh at you if you don't know much about the products.

    They let me know what to expect, did the work, and came back when they said they would to do the final coats. The floor came up perfectly, and the bill at the end was exactly what they said it would be at the start.

    We've spent two years renovating and this is the first time any company we've used has done all of those things - communicated well, set and met expectations, did a very high quality job, were polite, and didn't add unexpected charges at the end. All companies should aspire to this combination of service, professionalism and quality. Very well done."

    Ty Curtis

    "Euan and the Tough Floors team are some of the most professional people our company has ever worked with. We had a disaster with the previous contractor who did not know how to correctly lay an epoxy floor. It was seriously a mess, and extremely disheartening after spending all that money. After biting the bullet and realising that we needed to start again, I called Tough Floors. Without a doubt the best decision we could have made. Euan was patient, understanding, considerate and most of all willing to do what it took to ensure we were happy."

    Visualise Your Floor and Get a Fast 'No Surprises Quote'

    Online Enquiry

      Please fill in your details and one of our experts will be in touch very soon. Make sure you check your junk mail if you don’t find a reply within 24 hours.

      Any photos, plans or drawings are very helpful in getting an accurate quote underway.

      Work Required

      Residential and commercial epoxy flooring

      The popularity of epoxy coating is growing rapidly. Both residential and commercial customers are including epoxy as one of their choices when considering their flooring.

      Frequently asked questions about epoxy flooring

      We've been installing epoxy floors for many years, and we receive many of the same questions and discuss the same concerns with most property owners. Here are some of the most common ones, which  you might be wanting the answers to also: