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Seamless Finishes for Animal Care Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy or resin flooring is the perfect choice for animal care facilities,  because the seamless finish means there are no cracks or joints for bacteria to hide and grow, making it easier to maintain high levels of hygiene.   It delivers exceptional resistance to chemicals, bacteria and other contaminants, is aesthetically pleasing and performs well for many years.

What's the best type of epoxy system for animal facilities?

Tough Floors has consulted in depth with teams at pet resorts, shelters, councils, welfare groups and private facilities to ascertain the most robust system that does NOT harm the animals’ health.

With epoxies and various resin styles and systems, there are systems that are ‘fit for purpose’ BUT this does not necessarily mean they are optimal.

Here are some important considerations:

  1. Products used – there are many products used in the industry that are 'fit for purpose.' However, when dealing with breathing life, whether human or animal, there are certainly products that are better than others.

    The wrong choice can produce harm to health. The damage can be immediate but can also be delayed, sometimes months after the project has been completed. We will consult with you about the best choice of products to produce a robust floor that is also fit for health.

  2. Solvent free - as with the Tough Floors mandate wherever possible (which is most projects), the use of a solvent based product is frowned upon even more so in animal based projects.

    The permeation can absorb into numerous products including fabrics, furniture, curtains etc with an often lingering smell well after project completion. NO SOLVENTS = SOLID ANIMAL WELFARE PRACTICE.

  3. Safety - further to the solvent based 'no go' from our perspective, it will be argued that, once dry, the smell disappears. Although technically correct, point 2 above should be the deterrent.

    The volatile organic compounds (VOC's) can cause irritations to the throat, nose & eyes. Furter, respiratory issues can arise causing breathing problems & has proven to damage the central nervous system.

    At Tough Floors, we have zero medical qualifications. However, as a consumer, I would not want to put my, say, older dog into a facility that could cause issues like the above.

Tough Floors uses only a non-smelly 100% solids system, to ensure humans and animals remain safe.

We'd be delighted to deliver technical and product assistance to anyone involved with planning the construction or refurbishment of an animal facility.

Pet Groomers & Pet Resorts


Pet Grooming Salons

Pet grooming salons can get messy, with hair on the floor, water from wash tubs and the inevitable animal ‘mishaps.’ A non-busy epoxy design is helpful in these facilities, as it makes it easier to find small items which are dropped on the floor. Slip resistance and floor protection are also important and should therefore be factored into the design to keep your team and the animals safe.


Pet Resorts

Pet Resorts & Hotels are mostly multiple night stays, sometimes weeks, so these are treated slightly differently.

Cleaned often & regularly wet, we factor maximum durability & safety. We discuss the cleaning approach to urination & defecation, slip resistance & the safety of you, your team & the public going areas.

Coving is often factored into the design so that cleaning with a hose or a commercial scrubbing machine is easier.

Lauren Romari, Barkin Beautiful, Brisbane

"After working in the dog grooming industry for 20 years and designing 6 different salons, after numerous types of flooring in the past we found epoxy flooring to be the perfect flooring suitable for our industry. Its functionality of its non slip coating and attractive clean polished look makes a statement and makes the salon look very professional as soon as you walk through the door. 

Being hard wearing is also perfectly hygienic and easy to clean when we have many dogs walking throughout the salon on a daily basis. I’m so happy with our flooring and the expertise of “Tough Floors” and couldn’t recommend them enough."

Here are a few of the many commercial clients who have engaged us to transform their premises with stunning epoxy flooring.