Interior Epoxy Flooring

Interior epoxy flooring has become a popular option over traditional flooring choices. Designers, Architects & Builders have realised the extraordinary design possibilities, the hygienic and durable functionality and the low maintenance benefits.

Whether you opt for a standard finish from our blended range, or something more bespoke, it's important that the final specification and quote takes into consideration these factors:

  • Slip resistance - depending on the final finish, epoxy floors can be slippery just like ceramic tiles, when wet.  We offer different levels of slip resistance and will recommend the one most suitable for you, which will depend on who will be using the area.  (eg:  children, elderly, people with limited mobility, animals, etc).
  • Level of UV protection - although internal, UV ‘bounces’ so it’s not necessarily just direct sunlight that impacts your floor. We review the areas for natural light penetration and for certain internal lighting types which also emit UV (albeit in small portions) and help you with your colour choice.  (Lighter colours are traditionally the worst for UV susceptibility).
  • Impact resistance - Sometimes the price you pay for aesthetics can be functionality.  Beautiful swirly high gloss floors are typically less robust than other forms of internal flooring, so we recommend protection under furniture feet, and in other areas where the floor might be impacted by equipment or dropped objects.
  • Skirting boards - ideally, the boards are off when we work on your floor. Upon completion and curing, the boards can be re-installed or replaced.  It’s at this stage that we advocate a polyurethane/silicone seal along the base of the skirting boards, which will finish the floor off nicely, and create a seal to prevent bugs from hiding there.
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Preparation for interior epoxy flooring

The best base for receiving epoxy coating is concrete, providing that it is in the right condition.  See our article The Many Issues That Sub-Standard Concrete Causes for an indepth look at what makes up a great concrete substrate, and case studies of problems that poor concrete have caused.

Other substrates include fibre cement (FC) sheeting and tiles.   Overcoating tiles with an epoxy coating is becoming quite common as home owners discover the benefits of having a seamless floor with no grout lines that may discolour and are tricky to keep clean. Tile overcoating is a more involved process, but if your floor is considered a candidate for our work, is much better than ripping them up. See our article on The Benefits of Overcoating Tiles with Epoxy for indepth details.

Finish options

straight colour

Straight colour

You can opt for a high gloss or a more subtle matte finish. For a ‘pure’ finish, this a straight epoxy provides truer reflections.  For something more robust, a harder wearing polyurethane, polyurea or polyaspartic is used to top coat the floor.

Refined blend

Refined blend

Our Refined Blends are a popular soft and durable option for new builds, refurbished buildings, add-on areas and for overcoating tiled floors. It's perfect for use where kids and animals play inside, or for households that entertain regularly.

custom finish option

Custom finishes

There are so many options - from a two tone or metallic finish through to a combination of styles and products that gives you your own unique design. During our  consultation we'll explain bespoke finishes, and discuss the full range of things to consider.


How long will it take?

An internal area can take anywhere from two days to a week to complete. As our work will impact your accessibility to your home, if you are living there, we will coordinate a schedule that includes departure, regular updates and a return schedule.


Will it crack or chip?

The products we use are thoroughly destruct tested. However, as with any flooring type, epoxy is not completely indestructible. Blunt heavy objects won’t penetrate the floor but may damage it by cracking into the floor.


How long before you can use it?

In general, epoxy’s cure time allows foot traffic withing a couple of days of completion, but this will also depend on the climatic conditions, the type of floor and the need to use the floor.


How do you clean it?

Cleaning is as easy as mopping with warm soapy pH-neutral detergents. Do not use bleaches or chemicals on our floors as this will compromise the integrity of the product and cause discolouration.

In interior settings, the slip resistance (if any) is often minimal so we recommend using a sponge or stringy style of mop, or robotic vacuum. For higher level finished floors, if using a robotic vacuum, we suggest to trial an area first to ensure it’s compatible.


Will it be safe?

Due to the seamless style of epoxy flooring, you are safe from bacteria, mould and fungi developing.  Another safety factor is slip resistance.  There are different levels of slip-resistance we can incorporate into the finish, however this will depend on the type of floor finish you opt for.  For example we can't add slip resistance to some finishes (flat colours and metallics) because it impacts the glossy and reflective finish. We will provide guidance on the best choice for your situation.


Is it guaranteed?

Sure is. Our standard warranty provides for 12 months cover for workmanship and the product suppliers have a 12-month guarantee against product fault. We cannot warrant against substrate movement which results in the coating splitting. We also provide you with a checklist of specific things which will void the warranty. If you have any issues at all, we will investigate the damage and the cause and see if it is covered by warranty.

Leisa Alexander

"Turned up on time and did a beautiful job on my floors downstairs, professional and polite. I would not hesitate to recommend tough floors in Cleveland and would certainly use them again when we downsize"

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"Thank you so much to Euan and his team for doing an excellent job on our downstairs floor. Euan was very accommodating to help us get the look we wanted within our budget and he was a pleasure to deal with. We couldn’t recommend this business more! Thanks again Euan and Team."

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