Interior Epoxy Flooring

Interior epoxy flooring has become a prime choice for home designers, as it not only looks outstanding, it is easy to maintain, repels chemicals and is mould resistant.

We work with many designers, architects, builders and home owners to deliver a beautiful floor, which exceeds design and functional specifications.

There are many options and designs available, so we provide sample boards, and brief you in detail on the implications for each area.

When choosing a finish, things to take into consideration include:

  • high gloss or satin finish
  • level of slip resistance
  • level of UV stability
  • impact resistance
  • ease of cleaning
  • skirting boards, and sealing between existing skirting boards and floor
interior flooringinterior flooring

Preparation for interior epoxy flooring

Our preference is to coat onto concrete as this will provide the best adhesion.

We can also overcoat some tiles or onto cement sheeting. Overcoating tiles does involve extra preparation but can beat the cost of ripping up the tiles.

Once the area is adequately prepared, it’s time for the fun part – finishing.

Finish options

High gloss

High gloss finishes have become very popular for interiors, particularly when contrasted with textured or brick walls.  They are ideal for kitchen, bathroom and laundry areas, as epoxy will not harbour bacteria and is easy to clean.

Matt finish

A matt flaked finish creates a beautiful contrast against plasterboard walls and flat finish cupboards. Popular with families where kids and animals play inside, as they withstand the boisterous treatment.

Custom finish

Make a dramatic statement with your own colour and pattern.  The combinations are endless, and will give you a unique, and timeless finish that creates enormous impact.


How long will it take?

An internal area can take anywhere from 2 days to a week for completion. As our work will impact your accessibility to your home, if you are living there, we will coordinate a schedule that includes departure, regular updates and a return schedule.


Will it crack or chip?

The products we use are destruct tested. As with any flooring, epoxy is not indestructible and we recommend care. Blunt heavy objects won’t penetrate the floor, but may damage it by way of cracking into the floor.


How long before you can use it?

In general, epoxy’s cure time allows foot traffic withing a couple of days of completion, but this will also depend on the climatic conditions, the type of floor and the need to use the floor.


How do you clean it?

Cleaning is as easy as mopping for a standard residential epoxy.  We recommend only warm soapy water, and certainly do not use any form of bleach as it will compromise the integrity and cause discolouration.

Depending on the function of the floor, a stiff bristle brush with some light detergent and a rinse can be enough, if done on a regular basis. If the floor has heavy duty slip resistance, it will be harder to clean.


Will it be safe?

With slip resistance, safety is the highest consideration and we will provide you with recommendations for internal areas.

Epoxy floors are slip resistant, and they can be made even safer with a variety of textured finishes or non-slip coatings. They also promote good health by inhibiting the growth of bacteria, mould and fungi.


Is it guaranteed?

The product suppliers have a 12-month guarantee against product fault.

As installers, we want ensure that your floor is durable for years to come.  If the floor becomes defective, we  want to know about it.

We have such a good relationship with our suppliers that we will advise them of any issues with the product.

NOTE: we currently only operate in the SE Qld Region