Retail & Hospitality Flooring

Epoxy resins and special finishes give you infinite design possibilities to create a unique and eye-catching floor for your retail space.  As the space will be frequented by staff and customers, it's also important to factor in the less sexy functionality aspects such as cleaning, maintenance and safety.

  • We'll provide advice on slip resistance, and can have your floor independently slip tested, rated and certified if required for accreditation or compliance purposes.
  • We'll also provide guidance on cleaning, and the best products and methods for your team or cleaning company to work with.

When it comes to consultation and project schedules, we work with Interior Designers and Architects to assist with design options and technical specifications, and then work in with shopfitters, builders and project managers to ensure on-time delivery within schedule.

Bar & café flooring

The choice of flooring in hospitality spaces is very important.  Interior Designers are always looking for the latest looks and ‘edgy’ finishes for their clients, and we can certainly help achieve this.  However, there are health and safety standards that must be complied with to pass building inspection.

We provide a thorough consultation process, and if we feel that a resin-based flooring solution is not right for the particular premises, we'll make this recommendation.


Commercial kitchen flooring

Traditional kitchen flooring has long been vinyl, because it is seamless and easy to maintain. However epoxy flooring is taking over, for several reasons, one of which is maintenance, because when vinyl splits from being damaged it is immediately rendered unhygienic and hard to maintain.

Food safety industry regulations relating to HACCP (food safety management) and ISO standards like ISO 9000 and 9001 must be complied with when considering flooring solutions.

Considerations include:

  • floor fall from the outer perimeter toward a central drain, ensuring flow and no pooling of water.
  • slip resistance requirements that cater for specialist footwear and potential spills of water, oils, fats and other foodstuffs
  • easy to clean and maintain at the end of each day. Can it be cleaned with a hose and stiff broom or a scrubbing machine?
  • do local building standards require coving?  If so a rounded epoxy finish for coved areas makes cleaning easier.


Supermarket flooring

We have experience in creating the right mix of solutions to accommodate different traffic requirements in different areas of the store. For example maximum slip resistance needs to be applied in traffic areas, and can be relaxed under shelves where it isn’t needed and will make it harder to clean.

We understand that time is money, and we coordinate with you to work ‘out of hours’ to minimise disruption.

Front of house retail

The public retail area should be appealing, but not so dramatic that it takes attention away from products on display, or service areas.

We provide guidance on the best options for finish, colour, slip resistance requirements and cleaning.

Some retail spaces include logos and other specific design features within the floor. We can help with suggestions for gaining landlord approval and for providing advice on future de-fit, should you move to other premises. We have occasionally performed a de-fit, where we grind off the floor to re-do the finish for an incoming tenant.

Here are a few of the many commercial clients who have engaged us to transform their premises with stunning epoxy flooring.

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