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Durable & Low Maintenance Epoxy Garage Flooring

Did you know that just about every epoxy garage flooring is different?  Some concrete slabs are super hard, others are super soft. Creating a beautiful garage floor coating using epoxy always starts with accurate slab analysis and preparation.

The correct way to prepare your concrete slab

The quality of the surface preparation will determine the quality of the final floor.

The preparation is crucial to a successful outcome with the objective to achieve an adequately clean, contaminant free surface profile that will 'accept' our resin & have strong adhesion & bond.

If your concrete is porous, we may need to prime with products that penetrate deeper into the substrate. Priming can be necessary for numerous 'coatings integrity' reasons so we will expertly guide you through.

It’s not the sexiest part of the process, but crucial to get right before moving on to the fun part.

Diamond grinding
Diamond grinding is one particular preparation method

Which finish would you like for your garage floor coating?

Once the floor is adequately prepared & cleaned, the patching process commences. This process differs depending on the severity of the area but all contributes to the process of an aesthetically beautiful & functional floor.

The possibilities are abundant with available finishes. You may opt for a single colour, blended colours, something from our internal range, a bespoke metallic finish or even embedding your favourite memorabilia into the coating itself, preserving it for all to see.

Epoxy finish options

Flake flooring

Flake Floor Finish

With the endless colour schemes & designs of flake, it is the most popular system, particularly in garage floor coatings. It's a robust & durable finish & comparatively cost effective to other finishes. See our most popular & unique colours in the 'Garage Blend' range.

Metallic floor finish

Metallic Floor Finish

One of the most unique floor finishes you can have, this system is for that 'special' area & screams 'LOOK AT ME.' There is so much that can be achieved with this style from 'subtle' to 'striking' and with numerous colours that can 'stand alone' or flow into one another creating an area where there is always a new place to look at & admire.


Top Coat Finish

Resin products are naturally high gloss, increasing slip potential, especially when wet. To balance style and safety, we recommend slip resistance, adjusting size and amount to ensure safety and ease of cleaning for a longer-lasting floor.

garage floors

Custom Finish

We can offer unique designs for your area from decals emblazoned into the floor to creating a 'glow in the dark' number in your driveway & so many limitless possibilities. Think it & we will create it...

Garage conversions

With space at a premium as suburbia becomes more densely populated, more and more home owners are converting their garage space into a usable living space. You may opt for a premium floor finish (like our Refined Blend range) that is often chosen for living areas, or choose one that will be suitable as a living space or a garage space if you decide to convert back in the future.

Garage conversions
Stefan Burroughs
Stefan Burroughs

"Just finished my garage floor, it looks amazing. Could not recommend them enough, absolute professionals who take pride in their work."

Frequently Asked Questions about Epoxy Garage Floring

We've been installing epoxy floors for many years, and have answered hundreds of questions! Here's some of the most common ones, which may be questions that you have too:

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