Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Flooring Perfect for Retail and Hospitality Spaces

Businesses engaged in the retail and hospitality sectors provide services to many customers every day. The heavy traffic in and out of their establishments is one of the reasons why the structure and aesthetics of their flooring deteriorates. Therefore, it is ideal that retail and hospitality facilities should have a high-flooring system in ... More

Garage Floor Coating

Why Epoxy is the Leading Garage Floor Coating Option

Nowadays, a garage is considered as more than a place where people can park their cars and stash away their seasonal household items. As a matter of fact, a lot of homeowners are revamping this space into an in-house auto showroom or a man cave, which certainly adds pizzazz to the house. One of the first steps in achieving a professional-lo... More

DIY epoxy Flooring

DIY Epoxy Flooring – What to Be Aware Of

The market for DIY products has exploded in the last few years, and many homeowners opt for this solution when redecorating their houses. DIY enables you to satisfy some more expensive tastes when you can’t afford to hire a professional for it, and the project you complete will reflect your personality and have a special meaning for you. ... More

Floor Preparation

Floor Preparation For Epoxy Coating – Why it’s Crucial

Epoxy flooring has been very popular due to wide a range of major advantages it provides: durability, appealing aspect, easy installation, safety for users, and resistance to chemicals as well as wear and tear. Once your epoxy floor is installed, you have little to worry about. The main difficulty lies in the floor preparation stage. Prepar... More