Epoxy flooring warranty: What you need to know

epoxy flooring warranty

Whether you’re investing in a new car, new toaster, or epoxy flooring, warranties are important. Warranties are guarantees put in place that protect you against workmanship errors and faulty products. When comparing warranties, it is crucial to look beyond the timeframe. A lifetime warranty isn’t necessarily better than a five- or ten-year warranty. By focusing…

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A theory behind epoxy coating peel off

epoxy coating peel off

You’re about to invest in a new epoxy floor. Upon checking the substrate, your applicator tells you that your concrete is ‘rubbish,’ and now, as with so many tradies, you’re wondering if this is just another cash grab or if there is merit to the story. Your first response is to suspect the epoxy applicator.…

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What you’re really choosing when contracting an epoxy applicator (part 2)


Epoxy flooring requires technical expertise and on-the-job experience. In Part 1 of this two-part series, we looked at three crucial factors determined by the epoxy applicator you choose. If you haven’t read that article, we suggest doing so now. In Part 2, we’ll look at four more things that you’re really choosing when contracting an…

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Does epoxy smell? Is it safe? Your questions answered

Epoxy flooring

Does epoxy smell? Is it safe? Does it contain nasty chemicals that could harm the health of my family? As long-time epoxy contractors, these are some of the most commonly asked questions we get from prospective clients. Truth is, the answers will depend on the team you hire and the products they use. Not all…

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How to find a reliable epoxy flooring contractor

epoxy flooring contractor

You’ve done your research and decided that epoxy flooring is the right solution for your home or business premises. Now, it’s time to find a reliable epoxy flooring contractor to install your new floor. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. The proper installation of epoxy coatings requires specialist expertise. Incorrectly installed flooring won’t stand…

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Polished concrete vs. epoxy floor: What’s the best choice?

Polished concrete vs epoxy

Polished concrete (left) vs. epoxy floor (right) – what’s the best choice for your residential or commercial space? Both flooring options offer a sleek finish, require little to no maintenance, and last years and years, so the decision will most likely come down to two influential factors: budget and how your space is used. If…

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Lifespan of epoxy floors: How long do they last?

lifespan of epoxy floors

If you’re looking for a tough, attractive, safe, and durable flooring solution for your garage, home, or commercial premises, chances are, epoxy floors are on your radar. Epoxy floors are easy to care for, come in almost limitless finishes, and crucially, are long-wearing. But, how long exactly can you expect your epoxy floors to last?…

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The Many Issues That Sub-Standard Concrete Causes


Not all concrete is the same, and there are several factors which can impact our work as epoxy flooring installers. Concrete has a base level of ingredients. The first is cement. On its own, cement does not constitute concrete or harden without other components. Another ingredient is sand. River sand is a common form as…

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