5 Ways Epoxy Flooring Can Help Increase Your Property Value

Increase Property Value with Epoxy Flooring

If you have a property in Brisbane, Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast and you want to increase its value, consider upgrading with epoxy flooring from Tough Floors. Your property is an investment and epoxy flooring is a durable, fit-for-purpose and functional flooring that will last for many years. Read on to discover why you should opt for epoxy floors for higher Brisbane property value.

1. Aesthetic appeal

Aesthetic appeal

Anything that improves the appearance of your properties value when potential buyers/renters walk through the door will add value to the sale price or prospective rent. Epoxy flooring comes in many styles, colours and finishes and it certainly catches the eye. There are many flake epoxy floor styles and designs available.

Glossy epoxy flooring and floors with a metallic element really modernise the look of a home. Coat just one floor as a feature floor or a number of floors. The choice is yours. Every metallic floor is unique to the client and can add the ‘difference’ that some buyers are looking for.

Garage floors are the most popular area for using epoxy flooring, transforming what’s often a dull space from drab to fab.

Aesthetic appeal

Dazzle potential buyers and increase your home’s aesthetic appeal with the addition of epoxy flooring from Tough Floors.

2. Customisation options

Customisation options

We offer a huge variety of customisation options for epoxy flooring, especially when it comes to flakes. Flakes can range in size from 6mm to the dimensions of a fifty-cent coin and the colour choices are enormous.

You can opt for two tone flakes that resemble marble or granite, metallic flake to really make a statement, and there are even flakes that glow in the dark for up to eight hours after you turn off the lights. Glitter can also be an option. The kids love this one.

Below on the right is glow in the dark and on the right is glitter.

Glow in the dark glitter

Match up flake colours that complement and contrast well with the epoxy base colour. Our expert team can advise you on what works best, depending on your requirements and personal taste.

We generally apply flakes by evenly scattering over the floor area, designing options don’t end there. You can create distinct and deliberate patterns on your epoxy floor. You can even create words and specific branding concepts to really define your project. There aren’t really any limits to the design possibilities.

3. An eco-friendly option

An eco-friendly option

Epoxy flooring also has some eco-friendly properties. Use these as a selling point. For starters, epoxy resins for flooring have a low volatile organic compound (VOC) as compared to some other materials. This results in better air quality both during and after application. There is nothing in epoxy flooring that can evaporate and contribute to air pollution.

Due to the extreme toughness of epoxy flooring, it lasts for many years. Requirements to replace the flooring will be infrequent compared to carpets, timber or tiles. This is also good news from an eco-friendly perspective.

4. Improved safety features

Improved safety features

Your property can be made safer with epoxy floors if you opt to have slip resistant additives included as an added precautionary feature. Slip resistance is often used in wet areas, and outside around pool areas, footpaths and even driveways. Safety is a great selling point. Tough Floors abides by all OH&S regulations, Australian Standards and manufacturer specifications.

Furthermore, the surface won’t be compromised due to epoxy being so resistant to impacts, unlike some other flooring. Tiles can chip, timber can crack and splinter and carpets can become loose, creating a trip hazard.

5. Increased durability and longevity

Increased durability and longevity

Epoxy resin is super tough and extremely resilient. When it’s applied correctly by our expert team, your new flooring will last for years and years, further enhancing the value of your home. Very rarely will you need to repair or replace your epoxy floor. It’s perfect for areas that experience high foot traffic.

Epoxy floors are very easy to clean and maintain too. Your floors will look as good as new for many years to come. No other flooring material is this durable.

Increase property value with epoxy flooring from Tough Floors

If you want to get an idea of how a room in your house will look with epoxy flooring, visit the Floor Visualiser page on our website. Just upload a photo of your space, choose a finish and watch the transformation.

Epoxy flooring is an aesthetic upgrade that also has many practical advantages, and you’ll elevate the market value of your home or workplace. Tough Floors is the team to call for all your epoxy flooring needs.

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