Age & Child Care Flooring

When it comes to caring for the elderly, children or people with disabilities, duty of care is of utmost importance. This is why selecting the right flooring with the right qualities is so important. When it comes to flooring decisions for aged care, child care or public health facilities, epoxy flooring is an informed choice.

For retirement homes, hospitals, medical centres and child care facilities, epoxy or resin flooring solutions offer 5 key characteristics:

  • Slip resistant treatments - especially important in wet areas, where people are at risk of falling.
  • Reduced tripping hazards - because the flooring is installed without visible joints.
  • Hygienic – the seamless installation method means the flooring is easy to clean and sanitise with nowhere for germs or bacteria to multiply and grow.
  • Durable - wheelchairs are heavy and can wear down or erode some surfaces. Properly installed epoxy flooring is capable of withstanding the weight and drag of wheelchairs, trolleys, equipment and high foot traffic, and
  • Easy to maintain - epoxy flooring installations are easy to dry mop or steam clean. Lack of dust and other contaminants make it particularly suitable for people with allergies.

Tough Floors offer flooring solutions which are a safe, cost effective, and robust enough for aged care and child care facilities. For more information or to organise an obligation free consultation, please contact us and we will be happy to assist with your enquiry.

Aged Care Facility Flooring


Mobility issues can be a constant challenge for aged care residents, making stability underfoot essential to prevent falls. Walking aids and wheel chairs operate better when there is a smooth, firm, slip resistant surface. Epoxy flooring offers a safe surface for residents, visitors and staff in aged care facilities.

There are a range of epoxy flooring solutions for wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, common areas such as corridors and rooms and exterior locations such as entrances, and pool areas.

Child Care Facility Flooring


Child care facilities such as schools, kindergartens and child care centres have to conform to strict safety standards. They need flooring that can withstand wheeled toys, playtime spills, little accidents and stains that kids inevitably leave behind. The flooring must be easy to clean and sanitised to keep germs and bacteria at bay and maintain a healthy, low allergy environment. In addition, flooring must be comfortable, slip resistant and soft enough for comfort and safety.

Epoxy flooring is an ideal choice because it ticks the safety boxes, works well in wet areas and common areas and is available in a range of bright colours to create an environment which is functional, stimulating and fun for little people.

NOTE: we currently only operate in the SE Qld Region