Exterior Epoxy Flooring

There’s a lot we can do to make your outdoor areas look amazing with exterior epoxy flooring:

  • Combine mismatched slabs, or tiles to create one seamless expanse that also creates
  • Fix issues caused by weather, and finish with a sealer to protect for years to come
  • Update tired old surfaces with a fresh modern finish to update the appearance, and add value to your home
  • Apply slip resistant coatings to make your external areas safe for all
exterior floorExterior Floor
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Important Considerations for exterior epoxy flooring

When selecting an outside finish, there’s a lot to consider in addition to the overall look you’d like to achieve:

  • Durability – what kind of traffic and weather will the area receive? Is the finish you like UV stable?
  • Slip resistance - there are many levels of slip resistance so when we meet with you, we’ll bring some sample boards and advise you on what we think will be the best option for your area and needs.
  • Technical design - levels, flatness, moisture resistance and.
  • Preparation needed – cracks, uneven levels, water damage,

Once the area is prepared adequately to coat, it’s time for the fun part - finishing.

Finish options

Tile Overcoating

Coating over old tiles brings new life to your outdoor area. It does require tiles that are stuck down properly, and we check each tile before commencing and advise you of any issues.

Path, patio and carport

Bring a seamless finish to larger areas where the concrete may be mismatched or just complete an area with a uniform look.

Many paths and patios have ‘add ons’ with old and new concrete. With effective preparation, we can create an area where you can’t see any aspects of the old work.

Driveway overcoat

Choose from a range of tested products fit for the purpose and rejuvenate or stylise your driveway for that extra kerb appeal.

There are plenty of options and we run through a checklist of your needs before giving you our assessment of the most appropriate product.

Poolside coat

With functionality, safety and aesthetic appeal in mind, we can create a look that is appealing.

Choose from several different products, slip resistance levels and colours to ensure you’re set for safe fun by the pool.


How long will it take?

An external area can take anywhere from 2 days to a month for completion. Completion will depend on the state of the concrete, site access, temperature and conditions, as all have to be within acceptable standards for the floor to be optimal in its finish.


Will it crack or chip?

The products we use are destruct tested. As with any flooring, epoxy is not indestructible and we recommend care. A blunt heavy object won’t penetrate the floor but may damage it by way of cracking into the floor.


How long before you can use it?

In general, foot traffic is okay a couple of days after completion, but this will also depend on the climatic conditions, the type of floor and the need to use the floor.


How do you clean it?

Cleaning may be as easy as mopping for a standard residential epoxy finish to using ride on equipment with scrubbing attachments for commercial floors.

In general, do not use chemicals to clean as warm soapy water is usually adequate. Certainly do not use any form of bleach as it will compromise the integrity and cause discolouration.

Depending on the function of the floor, a stiff bristle brush with some light detergent and a rinse can be enough, if done on a regular basis. If the floor has heavy duty slip resistance, it will be harder to clean.


Will it be slip resistant?

With slip resistance, safety is the highest consideration and we will provide you with recommendations for external areas.

TRUE STORY: We quoted an existing job where there are two steps that come out of the pool and rise above the level of the pool, and two steps that bring you out to the ground.

An elderly woman slipped as she was coming down the steps, landing on her back and required surgery.

The application company was sued and sent into bankruptcy, and the poor woman had medical issues for the rest of her life.  Slip resistance was not discussed.


Is it guaranteed?

The product suppliers have a 12 month guarantee against product fault.

As installers, we have a 12 month limited guarantee with the workmanship. This varies with intended function.  We provide a written guarantee that includes a detailed checklist.

If the floor becomes defective, we will investigate.  The guarantee does not cover activities we don’t recommend and include in our checklist, such as  particular substance spills, the use of heavy objects, damage and exposure from heat from welding guns etc.

"Tough Floors provided a great service. They are friendly, reliable, efficient and most importantly provided a great product. The entire veranda area at our childcare centre now looks amazing. Thanks so much."

Exterior Floor

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