Exterior Epoxy Flooring

There’s a lot we can do to make your outdoor areas look amazing with exterior epoxy flooring:

  • Combine mismatched slabs or tiles to create one seamless expanse
  • Fix issues caused by weather, and finish with a sealer to protect for years to come
  • Update tired old surfaces with a fresh modern finish to update the appearance, and add value to your home
  • Apply slip-resistant coatings to make your external areas safe for all
exterior floor Exterior Floor
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Important considerations for exterior epoxy flooring

Ensuring you end up with right flooring solution for your external environment requires consideration of several aspects:

  • Durability – the kind of usage that the area could be exposed to will affect the final specification.  Will there be kids riding around on bikes, or mechanical equipment used, or the potential for chemical spills? 
  • Slip resistance – will the area be exposed to weather or regular splashing from a pool or spa?  We will provide recommendations for the right level of slip resistance to be incorporated into the specification. 
  • Technical considerations – we will review the levels of your existing floor, check for moisture levels and look for signs of movement that may impact preparation techniques.  We'll also provide advice on the best colour choices to counter the effects on UV stability and possible colour discolouration. 
  • Preparation requirements – we’ll help with remediation of any existing cracks, water damage and trip hazards and provide advice on whether there may be any potential for similar issues in the future. 

Finish options

exterior floors

Tile/paver overcoating

Unfortunately, over time, externally tiled areas can become loose and drummy, and the grout lines degrade and become impossible to keep clean. 

Covering with an epoxy finish brings new life to a shabby tiled area.  The tiles must be stuck down properly, and we will remediate if possible, because doing this is usually better and cheaper than complete removal. 

Path, patio and carport

Path, patio and carport

Over time, as paths and patios are added on to various areas around a property, it can end up not looking as intended.  Instead, you could have a disjointed look of mismatched concrete and other surfaces.

In many instances, with effective preparation, we can create a beautiful seamless epoxy finish over it all, to provide a uniform look, with no trace of the old work.

Poolside coat

Pool area

Epoxy coating around a pool area can provide a durable, safe and aesthetically appealing finish that enhances the overall look.  

We offer a wide range of colours and product options, and provide expert advice to ensure that you end up with the right specification for your area.  Its important that the final finish provides slip resistance and minimises UV degradation.  


How long will it take?

An external area can take anywhere from two days to a month to be totally completed. The completion time depends on a range of factors including the state of the concrete, site access, temperature, and weather conditions.  All have to be within acceptable standards to ensure you end up with an optimal finish. 


Will it crack or chip?

In external areas movement from beneath can affect an epoxy floor and cause cracking or chipping. If, during our site inspection we see any signs that substrate movement may be present, we will advise you, and suggest seeking a professional opinion from an engineer.  Aside from the above, the products we use have been thoroughly destruct-tested to ensure they are fit for purpose. 


How long before you can use it?

In general, epoxy floor cure time will allow foot traffic within a couple of days after completion.  Factors that may affect this include climatic conditions, the type of floor and the need to use the floor.  We will provide you with our best estimate once the floor has been completed.


How do you clean it?

We recommend mopping with a soapy pH-neutral detergent. You may also use a hose with a stiff broom and detergent, or can be pressure blasted - but be sure to use the fan nozzle, not the blunt pointy nozzle as it may chip the coating. Do not use bleaches or any chemicals as these will degrade the floor and potentially cause discolouration.

You may find it a little harder to clean if we've treated it with a heavy-duty slip-resistance product, but of course - safety is first priority in outdoor areas.



Will it be slip resistant?

With slip resistance, safety is the highest consideration and we will provide you with recommendations for external areas.

TRUE STORY: We once were called into quote on fixing up an existing job in a pool area, including the steps.  The previous installer had not discussed slip-resistance with the owners, and unfortunately an elderly woman slipped as she was coming down the steps, landing on her back and required surgery.  The installer was sued and sent into bankruptcy, and the poor woman had medical issues for the rest of her life.  


Is it guaranteed?

We offer a 12 month warranty for  workmanship and product defectiveness in residential external areas. Epoxy is a great product, but like all types of flooring has limitations. It doesn’t like movement. We cannot warrant against substrate movement which causes underlying tiles, pavers or concreting to move which results in the epoxy coating splitting.   If the floor becomes defective, we will investigate.  In addition, the guarantee does not cover damage from particular substance spills, from heavy objects, or heat from welding guns etc.  We will provide you with a full checklist.

Michelle Miller
Michelle Miller

"Tough Floors provided a great service. They are friendly, reliable, efficient and most importantly provided a great product. The entire veranda area at our childcare centre now looks amazing. Thanks so much."

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