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Tough Floors is comprised of a group of epoxy flooring specialists who collectively come together to achieve the best result we can…as a team. We collaborate, consult and identify areas that require specific attention. We then act to get the work done quickly and to our exacting standards.

We are well supported by our supplier partnerships and flooring network to be kept informed and trained as products evolve, so that we can offer our clients the best technical guidance, whether they are re-doing their garage floor or need a quality commercial flooring solution.

epoxy flooring specialists

Director: Euan Bennett

Epoxy flooring specialists


Spare time (if any) is spent ‘playing’ with products. We love to experiment with new and emerging products to create new designs and refine old ones.

We enjoy researching new technology, destruct-testing our work and generally making a mess. It’s fun and educational and in the end, we share what we find out with our customers so that YOU get the benefits of our experience.


It’s not enough for us to turn up every day and do a great job. We are not just epoxy flooring specialists; we are eternal students, promoters of best practice while continually researching, testing and improving the business model. We are driven to be key components within a young developing industry, and to leave a legacy for future flooring professionals.


Being the best that you can be technically is only part of the equation. Providing outstanding service is just as important, because great service and bad service are always remembered, not your technical abilities.

We offer the following promise:

  1. We will respond to your request for a quote within the same day – or next day if it’s after hours
  2. We’ll give you a fast “no surprises” itemised quote
  3. If we advise that your existing floor is suitable, we’ll prepare it so it is smooth and ready for your beautiful epoxy finish
  4. We adhere strictly to all workplace health and safety procedures to ensure everyone is safe
  5. We’ll communicate with you all during the process so you know exactly what’s going on and what to expect.
  6. We’ll give you detailed instructions on when you can use your new floor, and how to care for it
  7. For Pharmaceutical, Hospitality, Warehousing, Food & Beverage Processing, Pharmaceutical work we ensure that all work meets the OH&S standards set by HACCP, TGA, AQIS and Food Safe.
  8. When we add slip resistance, we comply with Australian Standards AS 3661.1 (1993), AS 4586 and AS 4663 (2004).

Our company was fortunate enough to have Tough Floors fix a major mistake by another contractor. Their skill level and expertise is of such a high standard and only matched by very realistic prices. Would very much recommend these guys

Tyronne Curtis

Tyronne Curtis

Activate Ed

NOTE: we currently only operate in the SE Qld Region