Garage Floor Coating

Did you know that just about every garage floor is different?  Some concrete slabs are super hard, others are super soft. Creating a beautiful garage floor coating using epoxy always starts with accurate slab analysis and preparation.

The correct way to prepare your concrete slab

The quality of the surface preparation will determine the quality of the final floor.

We start by diamond grinding the existing slab. The hardness of your concrete will determine which diamond-type we need to use to prepare the slab. We’ve found that older slabs are generally the better ones to work with, as newer slabs are often porous.

If your slab is porous, we will also prime it to reduce moisture penetration.

It’s not the sexiest part of the process, but crucial to get right before moving on to the fun part.

Which finish would you like for your garage floor coating?

Once the floor is perfectly prepared with a smooth surface, it’s time for the fun part – laying your beautiful new garage floor coating.

Diamond grinding
Diamond grinding

There is a huge range of garage floor finishes available including one colour, blended colours, flake finishes, decorative metallic, and even a finish with some of your favourite memorabilia embedded.

Epoxy finish options

Flake flooring

Flake floor finish

The flake finish is the most popular of all when it comes to garage epoxy floors. It is the most robust, and the most cost effective of professional coatings. The flake covers all the floor and there are plenty of options to choose from. See our  ‘Garage blend’ range.

Metallic floor finish

Metallic floor finish

A metallic finish gives the floor a depth of colour which looks almost 3-dimensional.  The smooth, glass like finish has a unique and subtle reflective sparkle. We can apply any creative technique you can think of to ensure you have a unique design.

gloss finish

Slip-resistant gloss finish

Most of our resin products come standard as high gloss. As with anything glossy, the finish can be slippery, particularly when wet. On the final coat (mostly), we add a slip resistant product to keep you and your family safe from injury caused by slips and falls.

garage floors

Custom finish

Garage floors are the most popular area of all for epoxy finishes.  People often like to put their stamp on it so they have a totally unique finish. Designs include ‘glow in the dark’ options, zany colour combos, and decals and memorabilia emblazoned into the floor.

Garage conversions

With space at a premium as suburbia becomes more densely populated, more and more home owners are converting their garage space into a usable living space, or an area for the kids to hang out. You may opt for a premium floor finish (like our Refined blend range) that is often chosen for living areas, or choose one that will be suitable as a living space or a garage space if you decide to convert back in the future.

Garage conversions

How long will it take?

With most garage floors, from single (18-20m2, to doubles (33-38m2) and triples (57-61m2) the process usually takes two days. If extensive patching is required, it will take three.  An optimal, long lasting finish simply cannot be achieved in one day.  At Tough Floors, we do not hasten the process because quality is paramount.

Does it smell?

Does it smell?

On new floors we prefer to use products that do not contain solvents or flammables, so they can be installed safely without risk or disruption to your family.  Solvents are classed as low to no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). This means that there are no lingering nasty smells that you get with solvent based products.


Will it crack or chip?

The products we use are thoroughly destruct tested. However, as with any flooring type, epoxy is not completely indestructible. A blunt heavy object won’t penetrate the floor but may damage it by cracking into the floor. We will provide you with a checklist of things to avoid so that your floor does not risk being damaged.


How long before you can use it?

You will need to keep all items off the floor for a minimum of two days.  After two days you should be able to walk on it. Cars need to remain out of the garage for a week because curing happens under the surface and an uncured coating could impact vehicle tyres, potentially creating a safety issue.


How do you clean it?

You should not use any chemicals on your new floor. You'll find that using a mop with warm soapy pH-neutral detergent is more than adequate. Do this every 2-3 weeks to ensure a long lasting floor.  For stubborn stains, try a bristle brush with the detergent and water.


Is it guaranteed?

Sure is. Our standard warranty provides for 12 months cover for workmanship and product defects. We cannot warrant against substrate movement which results in the coating splitting. We also provide you with a checklist of specific things which will void the warranty.

Stefan Burroughs
Stefan Burroughs

"Just finished my garage floor, it looks amazing. Could not recommend them enough, absolute professionals who take pride in their work."

Frequently Asked Questions about epoxy flooring

We've been installing epoxy floors for many years, and have answered hundreds of questions!  Here's some of the most common ones, which may be questions that you have too:

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