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Safe Government & Community Epoxy Flooring

Local Government facilities like parks, swimming pools, fitness centres and public buildings such as galleries, museums and libraries, all have ablution blocks or bathrooms. Because these facilities are open to the public, they need to be strong enough to cope with heavy foot traffic, easy to maintain and safe underfoot.

To help meet your duty of care and resolve potential public safety issues, an epoxy or resin floor with a slip-resistant treatment is a cost-effective and practical solution.

Why choose epoxy flooring for your public areas?

  • Managing risk - installing flooring with a non-slip treatment helps to provide a safe environment and assists in meeting safety criteria and insurance requirements for public safety.
  • Maintenance - engineered to withstand heavy foot traffic & regularly attended to, a well maintained & cleaned floor with regularity will be of service to the extended life of your floor.
  • Hygiene - seamless installation means there are no cracks or joints which can harbour germs or bacteria.
  • Flexibility - able to transition at rounded angles to incorporate coating up walls & verticals, this provides for those that wish to hose the area to clean.
  • Colours - available in a range of colours which can create light bright interiors, epoxy can be colour coded to designate specific areas or trip hazards like steps.

Our experienced team of technicians are skilled in floor preparation and this underpins the lifetime performance of the floors longevity.

We will recommend a commercial grade product that are mostly unavailable to the public. It's the manufacturers quality assurance that their products will be expertly applied.

Talk to us about our specialised epoxy treatments which are functionally fit for your area, will look appealing & can transform the environment & make it more inviting.

Public areas

Accidents can and do happen, especially in wet areas where the potential for slipping is high. Council guidelines typically specify that pool areas and ablution blocks should be well lit, have slip resistant floors in wet and dry conditions, and that buildings must be safe to maintain and clean.

School toilet blocks

Children can be accident prone at the best of times, especially if they are rushing to the toilet between classes! School toilet blocks therefore need to be as safe as possible and as hygienic as possible. Our slip resistant epoxy flooring solutions provide peace of mind and due to their seamless installation, bacteria and germs have nowhere to hide.

Here are a few of the many commercial clients who have engaged us to transform their premises with stunning epoxy flooring.