Epoxy Flooring Prices

How much does epoxy flooring cost?

To provide an accurate quote to install an epoxy floor involves careful analysis of the base floor, potential "traffic", intended usage of the area, possible compliance with standards, and other factors, including:

  • The size of the space that will be coated
  • The function of the area and expected levels of foot traffic (which may affect the level of slip resistance required)
  • The type of equipment which will be used in the area (which may impact the coating thickness needed)
  • The condition of the concrete substrate, and how much rectification and preparation it will need prior to coating
  • Does the substrate require flattening and levelling?
  • The number of coats required, which is determined by assessing substrate conditions
  • The desired finish (some finishes are more expensive than others)
  • The addition of coloured sand and/or flakes for custom decoration
  • If there are specific OHS and Standards which must be complied with due to the functionality within the space

Each type of flooring comes with different specifications and hence, varying costs and pricing.

Is epoxy flooring cheap?

Whilst it is possible to do epoxy flooring on the cheap to potentially save money, a DIY epoxy floor looks cheap and will potentially cost you more in the long run than having it done by a professional installer to begin with.  See our article Cost of Epoxy Flooring for comprehensive details on DIY options, the processes involved, the equipment required, and the problems you might face.

When compared to other flooring materials, our clients have found epoxy flooring to be surprisingly affordable because it has been installed correctly, and is functional and durable for many many years - often outlasting more traditional forms of flooring.  It's easy to clean and maintain, making it cost effective over the long term.

What you can expect when we provide a quote

When you contact us for a quote, we’ll review your site, we'll provide you with a full assessment of your substrate condition, details of the options available to you, and our recommended solution for your specific needs.  We will give you a "no surprises quote" so you know exactly what is involved to ensure you end up with a high quality long lasting finish.

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