Lifespan of epoxy floors: How long do they last?

lifespan of epoxy floors

If you’re looking for a tough, attractive, safe, and durable flooring solution for your garage, home, or commercial premises, chances are, epoxy floors are on your radar. Epoxy floors are easy to care for, come in almost limitless finishes, and crucially, are long-wearing.

But, how long exactly can you expect your epoxy floors to last? What is the average lifespan of epoxy floors? And what can you do to extend the life of your investment and get the most bang for your buck?

Let’s find out.

What is the lifespan of epoxy floors?

There is no cut and dried answer to this question. How long your epoxy floors will last will depend on several factors (outlined below). That being said, we’ve seen stunning, expertly installed epoxy flooring last a decade or longer.

Three factors that influence the longevity of epoxy floors

epoxy floor maintenance

Because epoxy covering is such a diverse flooring solution for homeowners, businesses, and industrial operations, it’s difficult to pinpoint precisely when your flooring will need to be replaced.

The following three factors greatly influence the longevity of epoxy floors.

1. The installation of your epoxy floor

Going the DIY route may seem like a cost-saving choice, but in reality, you’ll end up paying a whole lot more for your epoxy floors.

Achieving a strong, beautiful, resilient floor depends on how the material is applied. Epoxy specialists like the team at Tough Floors understand how the various chemicals involved react and know how to achieve flawless results that meet strict Australian standards.

2. How much foot traffic your epoxy floors endure

A car that drives 100 km daily will burn out a lot fast than one that’s used exclusively for the weekly grocery shop – the same logic can be applied to epoxy flooring.

In the home, epoxy flooring is not likely to endure much foot traffic. It’s just you and your family, visitors a few times a week, and maybe a furry friend or two. Commercial floors will be put under a bit more stress, particularly if heavy equipment is dragged over the floor regularly.

Be sure to let your trusted epoxy flooring contractors know how much traffic you expect your floor to receive. That way, they can ensure they deliver a flooring solution that stands up to wear and tear for as long as possible.

3. How well you maintain your epoxy floor

Caring for your epoxy floor will extend its lifespan considerably. How often you’ll need to clean your floor will again depend on how it’s used and how much traffic it endures. Typically, we suggest a quick daily sweep and deeper clean every week or two. If your floor looks dirty – clean it. It really is that simple.

Signs your epoxy floor needs replacing

If you notice a localised breakdown of the coating or small cracks, it’s time to call in the pros. These are signs that your flooring is deteriorating.

Don’t wait too long – cracks and other flaws could render your floor unsafe, which is problematic both at home and in commercial and industrial environments.

Ready to invest in long-lasting epoxy floors?

Excellent choice. A good quality epoxy floor is an attractive, slip-resistant, durable solution. As long as you invest in proper installation and give your floors a little TLC, you can enjoy your floor for years and years to come. If you’re ready to get started, get in touch with our friendly team of specialists today.

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