A Useful Guide to Options for Industrial Floor Coatings

Guide for Industrial Floor Coating Choices


Each industrial floor is different, and so are the options for industrial floor coatings. Your needs will vary based on the requirements of your industrial space, and factors like the level of traffic and what chemicals or substances the floor may come in contact with will impact that. Some industrial floors need to be tough and durable, strong enough to resist hard impact and cope with the demands of the job. Others need to be low-maintenance and cost-effective, suitable for general use without any hassle.

Regardless of whether your site floor receives high wear or light occasional use from foot traffic, machinery, or vehicles, our "Guide for Industrial Floor Coating Choices" ensures an epoxy floor that meets requirements while looking good. With a range of options available, we can provide the coating your industrial floor needs. 

Epoxy resin floor coating

Commercial-grade epoxy resin floor coatings are generally ideal for protecting industrial floors. As well as being highly durable and UV stable, they’re also easy to clean and resistant to stains from most oils and chemicals, depending on the level of abrasiveness, since the substance won’t seep through the coating into the concrete underneath. 

Epoxy-coated industrial floors guarantee greater durability than polished concrete floors. The process consists of applying an engineered coating made up of resin and a hardener to create a strong, long-lasting tough surface. Provided the concrete is suitably prepped, the coating is applied well, and the floor is looked after post-application, an epoxy resin coating is an ideal flooring solution. Regular sweeping and cleaning and quick action to fix cracks as they develop over time will help extend the life of your industrial site’s epoxy floor coating.

Polymer Decorative Vinyl (PVA) flake finish

A PVA flake chip finish is a versatile, long-lasting and cost-effective option that’ll really lift the appearance of your industrial floor. As well as meeting the high-performance needs of most industrial businesses, it’s also practical and easy to look after. The flakes are blended into the epoxy to give a textured look while still being as scratch and impact-resistant as a standard epoxy floor coating. We have a range of blends and colours to choose from and give you the flexibility to determine the density of the flake and the area coverage of the effect.

PVA flake epoxy coating

Slip-resistant epoxy coating

Adding a slip-resistant treatment to an epoxy floor coating will help make your walkways and common areas safer. These treatments are particularly ideal in wet areas, or areas that staff or customers stand on or walk through for much of the day. It’s efficient, practical and suitable for floors in industrial manufacturing plants, automotive garages, machinery storage areas, warehouses, or any site that needs tough flooring while caring for the safety of the people walking across it, day in and day out. 

Slip-resistant epoxy coatings may need specialist cleaning beyond the occasional simple mop and bucket routine, which we can discuss with you prior to installation. 

Is an epoxy coating right for my industrial site?

Tough Floors is a team of trusted epoxy flooring installers in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. We will inspect your site and provide guidance on whether an epoxy floor will be the right solution for you, taking into account your current floor and usage. We provide high-quality solutions for industrial floor coatings to provide strong, high-impact and high-wear protection for your site. We understand the need to balance affordability with long-lasting products that meet safety and performance requirements.

Get in touch with our friendly expert team for more information, customised advice, or a fixed-price quote for the epoxy floor coating that’s best for your industrial site.

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