4 reasons to invest in effective wall storage


Here at Tough Floors we want to help our customers realise the full potential of their space, whether that be residential, commercial or manufacturing. Investing in epoxy resin flooring is a decision you won’t regret, and so is maximising that same space with an effective wall storage solution. We’re pleased to have expanded our product offering to include wall storage panels to help achieve this.

In residential spaces, effective garage wall storage isn’t just for tradesmen and handy home DIY-ers; there are some pretty great benefits for everyone. The same applies for retail, commercial and manufacturing sites where storage is a must have. Here are our top four reasons to investing in an effective wall storage solution.

1. Increased storage capacity

maximise vertical space

Making storage more effective means making better use of vertical space to improve storage capacity overall.

Our wall panel and grid storage systems allow full utilisation of your walls to store a wide range of items. Made from 100% recyclable 18mm thick extruded PVC, the plastic moulds are cut to size on site and wall stud mounted for strength. They’re resistant to rot, mould and termites, and easy to clean. Even better, these low maintenance products are UV resistant and waterproof, so can be installed outdoors and on brick work or metal.

2. Control the clutter

improve storage capacity

Is your garage chock full of sports, fishing, camping and outdoor gear, sitting on the floor or stacked awkwardly between the wall and car, along with the Christmas tree box? Tired of clutter and not being able to find anything when you need it?

For effective wall storage to reduce clutter, mounted panel storage solutions are ideal. Our sturdy wall panels provide easily visible storage space that’s out of the way of foot traffic and vehicles, while also providing greater organisation and accessibility for the items you want to get to day to day.

Our wall panels aren’t just robust, they also provide the flexibility to efficiently store an endless number of accessories, no matter the size or shape, to create a tidier, more user-friendly garage, retail or commercial space. Our panel system will accommodate hooks, baskets, shelves and more, and with the clip on, clip off feature, you have the ultimate in storage flexibility to change as your needs change.

3. Make shared spaces safer

Garages often need to be multi-purpose to fit the needs of the whole family, and can quickly become untidy and unsafe to navigate. Storing everything in corners and on the floor can create hazards for anyone working in or around the space. The same applies for commercial and retail spaces that see high foot traffic in storage areas.

Investing in an effective wall storage solution helps make shared spaces safer, removing potential slip, trip or fall hazards that can harm you, your family or your employees, particularly when combined with a slip resistant epoxy resin floor coating. Regardless of whether you want to safely store bikes, kayaks, tools, ladders, retail product, mops or brooms, our wall panel system has your safety covered.

4. Improve your home re-sale value

In the current climate of premium real estate pricing and smaller block sizes, many of our customers are finding themselves with more stuff than storage, and a garage that detracts rather than adds value to their home.

We’ll work with you to achieve the garage space of your dreams, improving the re-sale value of your home with a professional, high quality and effective wall storage solution that not only looks impressive alongside your new epoxy resin floor, but adds impact for potential future buyers.

Floors + storage = your dream space

We’re proud to present flooring and wall storage solutions that help our customers use the existing footprint of their garage or commercial space more efficiently. If you’re looking for more effective wall storage in your garage, retail or commercial site, our panel system will fit any space, and we’ll work with your ideas and budget to achieve it.

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