3 Reasons to Coat the Concrete Around a Pool Area with Epoxy

epoxy pool coating

Epoxy resin flooring has become very popular as a flooring solution in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.  Did you realise it also makes a great surface in your pool area?

Just like any home asset, your pool needs regular maintenance and care to keep it looking its best. An epoxy resin coating is ideal for not only finishing the concrete around the pool, but to also give it a fabulous look and feel.

Here are three solid reasons why you should consider finishing the concrete around your pool with an epoxy resin coating.

1. To protect concrete around pool

Concrete can be prone to cracking because of its porous nature and its tendency to shrink after it’s been poured and then expand when exposed to moisture. This can be unsightly and potentially develop into a trip hazard.  And, of course, weeds seem to magically know when a crack has appeared and immediately take action to pop up and ruin the appearance of your pool area.

Applying an epoxy resin coating to the concrete around your pool creates a long-lasting barrier that prevents water from soaking through, providing multi-layer protection to the concrete underneath, to extend its lifetime.

2. To improve safety

concrete epoxy coating

The concrete around a pool can be a high traffic area, particularly in summer when your pool is at its most popular.

Concrete can feel hard (and hot) on bare feet when walking around the pool and getting in and out. Applying an epoxy resin coating provides a surface that takes away the abrasive concrete feeling.

When concrete is wet, it can be super slippery and become hazardous, particularly with excited children who quickly forget your instructions to “walk, don’t run.” Incorporating a slip resistant coating into your epoxy resin finish will protect your family and friends from slipping related injuries.

We have several levels of slip resistant coating options available and suitable for external use, and can discuss this with you along with giving our advice on what will work best for the area and condition of the concrete around your pool.

We can also have the finish independently professionally tested, rated and certified to required levels.

3. To achieve a stylish finish

Professionally laid epoxy resin coatings look just as fabulous in outdoor areas as they do indoors.

You can select from an extensive range of finishes and colours, to achieve a look that is subtle or artistic. Our polymer decorative vinyl (PVA) flake chip finish is UV stable so it won’t yellow, and is incredibly versatile. We will guide you on the right finish for your area.

Epoxy resin is a smart choice for outdoor areas because it’s tough, durable and easy to care for, making maintenance and cleaning much easier.

Find out more

We have an epoxy solution for every flooring need, including your pool area. To find out more about how we’ve applied epoxy resin to pool areas, and see some examples of work we’ve done, contact us today.

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