Epoxy Myths – Busted

Epoxy myths

Once upon a time, epoxy floors were thought to belong only to the realms of large industrial organisations with deep pockets. And while it may have been the case one or two generations ago, new chemical manufacturing processes, evolving building standards and advancing technologies have consigned this notion to the stuff of myth and legend (along with leaded petrol, and analogue phones).

Common epoxy flooring myths

In this article, we’re going to bust this myth, and others, and show you how investing in a good quality epoxy floor can save you money, time, and effort, while boosting the value of your property.


Myth: Epoxy floors need to be replaced every few years.
Busted: A true epoxy floor that has been professionally laid can give you up to 20 years (or longer) of high-performing service, if the professional care instructions are followed.
Myth:  Epoxy is just an expensive paint job.
Busted:  While there are a number of DIY epoxy “paints” and coating kits on the market, a true epoxy floor forms a highly durable, bonded surface that seals the underlying concrete. Paints – even epoxy paints – can lift and crack, allowing grease and oils to penetrate to the concrete beneath. Any stains that seep in can be impossible to remove, and the original substrate beneath can be damaged as a result.

The bonded finish of professionally laid epoxy floors means they will not lift, or crack, and will be highly durable and easy to maintain throughout their effective life.

Myth:  Epoxy floors don’t need much skill to apply.
Busted:  While the number of DIY epoxy kits available in the retail market may promote themselves as “easy-to-apply”, more often than not, they’re a false economy, especially if you’re not sure what you’re doing.

Good preparation of the surface substrate is fundamental to getting the best bang for your buck where epoxy floors are concerned. The two earlier myths point directly to poorly prepared floors and poorly applied coatings.

An epoxy floor professional is intimately acquainted with their materials, the different conditions of substrates (that is, the floor you’re coating) and how to prepare them to get the best results over the long term.

Add to this the fact that a reputable installer will also guarantee their work over a fixed term.

Myth:  Epoxy floors are ugly, so they’re only really any good for industrial situations.
Busted:  Modern epoxy coatings offer a range of finishes – from high-gloss to non-slip textured finishes. There are a variety of colours, not to mention effects, like pearl, marble, metallic and quartz flake  We’ve worked on some epoxy floor designs that are incredible works of art.

With such a broad spectrum to choose from, modern epoxy floors can make a stunning statement throughout your home, as well as in retail stores, commercial kitchens, sporting clubs and schools – wherever you need a hard-wearing, easy-care floor that will stand the test of time.

Protect your investment with professional epoxy installation

Epoxy myths

Good surface preparation makes all the difference to the finish and effective life of an epoxy floor

An experienced epoxy flooring professional will help you make sure you get the best finish, and results from your new floor. At Tough Floors, we’ll work with you to get an understanding of what you’re trying to achieve in terms of looks and functionality. We’ll also assess the condition of the surface you want treated.

From this initial information, we’ll be able to recommend the best approach – from preparing the surface, to determining the type of finish you want. We’ll also work out a timeline with you, as we explain the steps involved, so we can minimise disruption while we ensure the optimum time for the floor to cure. (Curing is the process of “setting”, where the different layers of the epoxy coating bond with each other, and with the floor beneath. A well-cured floor is one of the critical components to ensuring the floor’s extended life.)

Why epoxy? The realities

Once the job is done, there’s very little else you need to do, apart from enjoying the benefits of your stunning new floors for years to come.

Durable – As well as protecting your concrete floor, epoxy floors are highly resistant to chemicals and abrasives. Plus, they’re UV stable – so they’ll keep their good looks after years in the harsh Queensland sun.

Safe and hygienic – You can incorporate slip-resistant finishes into your floor to protect your family, your staff, and your customers. And because epoxy floors are seamless, there’s nowhere for bacteria to hide and grow.

Stylish – Choose a look to suit the location. With metallic, marble, and flake finishes in a range of colours, you can achieve a designer finish to enhance your décor. We can even help you create your own custom look.

Economical – In terms of lifespan for investment, epoxy flooring is one of the most economical solutions you can go with. Plus, they’re easy to care for – saving you time as well as money on specialist cleaning products. It’s a solution that really earns its keep.

The bottom line

Whether you’re planning a new build, or you want to give an old, hard-working surface a well-deserved revamp, the team at Tough Floors can help you figure out how to make epoxy work for you. Get in touch with us today for a no-strings-attached consult.

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