Epoxy flooring warranty: What you need to know

epoxy flooring warranty


Whether you’re investing in a new car, new toaster, or epoxy flooring, warranties are important. Warranties are guarantees put in place that protect you against workmanship errors and faulty products. That is why it's really important to have an epoxy flooring warranty too.

When comparing warranties, it is crucial to look beyond the timeframe. A lifetime warranty isn’t necessarily better than a five- or ten-year warranty. By focusing on what’s covered – and what’s excluded – you can more accurately weigh up your options and make an informed decision.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s involved with an epoxy flooring warranty.

Who’s at fault?

Claiming a warranty for epoxy flooring isn’t always straightforward. Our warranties, for example, presume that everything at your property is built to code. This includes concrete preparation and all building and fit-out.

Let’s say your plumbing was not installed correctly, and moisture becomes an issue in the concrete. This can cause the epoxy coating to peel off of the concrete. In this case, the problem is not a result of poor-quality epoxy or shoddy installation, but instead sub-par concrete.

We do try our best to detect moisture in our clients’ concrete at the time of coating, but we cannot guarantee what transpires after we’ve finished. Our epoxy is the first to get the blame, but there are often bigger forces at play.

Be wary of lifetime warranties

There’s no denying the attractiveness of a lifetime warranty. It’s easy to assume that this means anytime you encounter an issue – whether that’s tomorrow or in 25 years – it’ll be fixed by the company for free.

But what happens if the business you’ve hired is no longer operating in 25 years? Whose lifetime does the warranty refer to?

We suggest being cautious of lifetime claims, as these types of warranties tend to be little more than a marketing tactic.

Different types of warranties

Here at Tough Floors, we offer two distinct warranties: a workmanship warranty and a . And while our workmanship warranty is under our complete control and discretion, the manufacturers’ warrant requires us to undertake diligent record-keeping.

We store all relevant data in the cloud to ensure it cannot be lost or destroyed. This includes all details relating to the jobs we undertake: batch numbers, conditions, quantities, and so on. This ensures our customers can quickly and painlessly claim their manufacturers’ warranty if needed.

Work with an epoxy flooring company you can trust

Some companies use their epoxy flooring warranty to trick clients into thinking their floors are covered until the end of time. This sounds too good to be true – and it is.

The dedicated team at Tough Floors is more than happy to talk you through our warranty and answer any other questions you may have. Give us a call today on 1300 882 875 .

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