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At Tough Floors we are epoxy flooring specialists with a genuine passion for what we do. We only work in epoxy flooring because we choose to focus all our time and energy on being the best at one specialty rather than being satisfactory in many.

When collaborating with other businesses, we expect them to have the same approach towards their work as us. For example, they must match us on the following factors:

  • Deliver the highest standards and exacting quality we're known for
  • Be experts in their trade, and always learning and improving their craft

For almost a decade, we have built a relationship with the team at East Coast Painters due to our shared values and reputation for excellence. East Coast Painters is a family-owned and operated business, comprised of Charlton and his wife Kate, delivering exceptional quality painting services in southeast Brisbane and surrounding areas.

We recently interviewed Charlton and Kate to learn more about their business and why their collaboration with Tough Floors works so well.

  • How long have you been in the painting industry?

The business will have been trading for 55 years next year, although Kate and myself took over from my parents in 1992, so I have been painting for 30 years now. Having grown up around the family business, I've been going to work on the weekends since I was a kid. Although even with all that experience, there's always something new to learn in the painting industry.

  • How long have you been working with Tough Floors?

We first met Euan and the Tough Floors team when we were working on a project together around nine years ago, and we have worked with them ever since.

  • Why have you continued to work with them for so long?

We went through a phase when we were trying to find a reliable epoxy floor coating applicator that we could feel comfortable working with. From the first time we worked with Tough Floors, we realised that there were never any issues with reliability or quality. We didn't have to worry whether the job would get completed properly, it was a stress-free experience.

  • Have you had experience working with other epoxy flooring businesses?

We had tried working with a few other epoxy floor coating applicators in the past, but they don't compare to working with the team at Tough Floors. We found that some businesses don't return your calls, and you don't feel you can rely on them. Tough Floors are professional from the first interaction. It's my reputation on the line if I recommend a business that doesn't do what they've promised, but I'm always confident that Tough Floors will finish the job to the highest quality that we expect in our own business.

  • Is there a reason you don't do epoxy flooring yourselves?

We don't have the level of knowledge that they do, so we could probably figure out how, but we would take longer, and we would have to invest in the right equipment. That additional cost would then get passed on to the customer. We would rather have an expert come in and do the flooring so we can invest our time and energy in being the experts in our trade.

  • Is there anything exciting coming up for East Coast Painters?

Shortly we will be working with a builder on high-end developments, brand new multi-million-dollar homes, and Tough Floors will be doing the epoxy flooring for those properties for us.

  • Why do you think the collaboration between East Coast Painters and Tough Floors works so well?

Tough Floors business values align well with ours, which is why we continue to work with them. We know they will complete the job to the highest quality and with complete certainty. Our customers get value for money, and it's going to be done right.

"Tough Floors gives you the best results, without the stress"

It's clear why we continue to work with East Coast Painters; for both businesses, our primary goal is quality of service and customer satisfaction.

Interested in an epoxy floor at your place?

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