Top 9 Epoxy Flooring Benefits for Commercial Spaces

Epoxy flooring benefits for commercial spaces

Planning or upgrading your business premises is a significant investment, and flooring decisions should prioritise the long term, by carefully considering the uses and any special requirements related to how the space is to be used. At Tough Floors in Brisbane, we particularly value the different epoxy flooring benefits for commercial spaces. In this article,…

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Benefits of Using Epoxy Resin for Your Car Showroom Flooring

epoxy resin used as car showroom flooring

High-quality car showroom flooring plays a crucial role in enhancing sales by creating a positive and memorable experience for customers. When a showroom is thoughtfully designed and visually appealing, with meticulous attention to detail, it builds a sense of trust, professionalism and reliability in customers. This influences how customers perceive the brand and the quality…

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What To Consider When Choosing Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Commercial epoxy flooring

The right flooring choice for your commercial premises is an important decision. For a long lasting result, you’ll need to ensure the flooring type caters for the purpose of the space. When choosing commercial epoxy flooring it is important that you do your research now so you can save the cost of replacing the floor…

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Parrots for Purpose and Pet Friendly Flooring

Pet friendly flooring

We are fortunate in our trade to meet some remarkable people and Michael from Parrots for Purpose was no exception. So, when we received a call from him about his floor, a myriad of bird calls could be heard on the other end of the line. Upon meeting Michael at his premises, we also had…

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What to Consider When Updating Your Garage Flooring

garage flooring

Over time, garage floors can become worn, damaged and stained from daily use, dropped tools, spilt liquids and oil, and general wear and tear. Choosing to restore and update your garage flooring will help breathe new life into it, creating a durable and good-looking floor that will last for a long time. When choosing the…

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Brisbane Commercial Epoxy Flooring Guide: The Benefits of Epoxy Resin

commercial flooring

Commercial flooring needs to be tough, durable and safe, as they see a lot of foot traffic day in and day out. Whether your commercial property is an office, retail space, kitchen, factory or something else entirely, upgrading your commercial flooring with epoxy resin is a great way to ensure you have the safest, most…

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Epoxy Flooring Perfect for Retail and Hospitality Spaces

Supermarket epoxy flooring

Businesses engaged in the retail and hospitality sectors provide services to many customers every day. The heavy traffic in and out of their establishments is one of the reasons why the structure and aesthetics of their flooring deteriorate. Therefore, it is ideal that retail and hospitality facilities should have a high-flooring system in place that…

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