Epoxy Paint vs Epoxy Coating: What’s the Difference?

epoxy paint vs coating

If you’re looking to breathe new life into your concrete floor, you may be wondering what the difference is between epoxy paint and epoxy coating. In the DIY world, these two terms can get mixed up and, since there’s a big difference, it’s a good idea to do your homework first rather than make a…

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Epoxy Floor Coating: What Surfaces are Safe to Epoxy Over?

epoxy floor coating

Epoxy floor coating is a great way to breathe new life into tired old surfaces that have seen better days. One of the keys to a successful epoxy floor coating is surface preparation, which can take time, but is critical to get a long-lasting finish. While some surfaces are easier to epoxy over, others are…

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Creating Safe Epoxy Floors with Slip Resistant Coating

slip resistant epoxy coating

Having a safe environment, whether at home or work, is important not just for yourself but for the people that also access the area. Slips, trips and falls can be a hazard in any setting – commercial, industrial or residential – and while many building regulations are in place to reduce risk (particularly in workplaces),…

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The Benefits of Overcoating Tiles with Epoxy

epoxy over tiles

Tiles as an indoor and outdoor flooring finish can look great – until they don’t. Then what’s left is an expensive job to remove and reapply them. Once the darling of flooring finishes and known for their quality, reasonable ease to clean, and their style, tiles now compete with epoxy resin for these same reasons.…

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5 Benefits of Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Old, worn-out looking floors can be a real eyesore in your home. These days many homeowners are replacing them with modern, sleek and unique looks; and the finish which has rapidly gained popularity in the last couple of years is epoxy flooring. One of the most stunning options for epoxy flooring is metallic, which could…

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3 Reasons to Coat the Concrete Around a Pool Area with Epoxy

epoxy pool coating

Epoxy resin flooring has become very popular as a flooring solution in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.  Did you realise it also makes a great surface in your pool area? Just like any home asset, your pool needs regular maintenance and care to keep it looking its best. An epoxy resin coating is ideal for…

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Epoxy Flooring for Pet Friendly Premises

pet friendly floor

Epoxy resin is ideal for residential and commercial premises that cater to dogs, cats and a whole host of other domesticated pets that need pet-friendly flooring. Clawed paws can cause significant damage over time, and this sort of high-wear environment needs tough flooring to handle the day to day scratches, impact and mess from animals…

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The three P’s of epoxy coatings for concrete floors

epoxy coatings for concrete floors

For durability, toughness, safety and enduring good looks in all kinds of conditions, you can’t beat epoxy flooring. Here at Tough Floors, we’ve built a rock-solid reputation for providing top quality epoxy floors across Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast. We know there’s a lot of information available online regarding DIY epoxy coatings for…

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4 reasons to invest in effective wall storage

effective wall storage

Here at Tough Floors we want to help our customers realise the full potential of their space, whether that be residential, commercial or manufacturing. Investing in epoxy resin flooring is a decision you won’t regret, and so is maximising that same space with an effective wall storage solution. We’re pleased to have expanded our product…

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A useful guide to options for industrial floor coatings

industrial floor coatings

  Each industrial floor is different, and so are the options for industrial floor coatings. Your needs will vary based on the requirements of your industrial space, and factors like the level of traffic and what chemicals or substances the floor may come in contact with will impact that. Some industrial floors need to be…

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