Industrial Flooring

With high traffic, commercial or heavy duty industrial locations, it’s important to have flooring that looks good, and is tough enough to cope with the demands of the job. When it’s time to upgrade from a dusty concrete floor, tired old tiles or hard to clean carpets, it’s time to consider the benefits of epoxy resin flooring. Available in a wide range of colours and textures with the safety option of a slip resistant surface, commercial and industrial epoxy flooring has a seamless finish with the strength and reliability you need. Importantly, the surface is easy to maintain and can be resistant to potential hazards like chemical or oil spills.

Based in Brisbane, but servicing all of South East Queensland, from the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast, Tough Floors specialise in commercial and industrial epoxy flooring which is OH&S compliant. We use only commercial grade epoxy coatings which are thicker, heavier and more durable than the products available to DIY enthusiasts. Our experienced technicians are skilled in floor preparation which underpins the lifetime performance of the floor.

Whether it’s a showroom, reception area or a warehouse, when anyone walks through the door of your business, first impressions count. The seamless simplicity of professionally installed, industrial or commercial grade resin flooring is the perfect solution for almost every commercial or industrial application. This application of specialised epoxy flooring ticks all the boxes for aesthetics, practicality and affordability. Please see our Projects Gallery for inspiration for more inspiration.

Scientifically designed to function well and look good for years to come, our commercial and industrial floors require minimal maintenance (even in high traffic areas). Talk to us about affordable flooring solutions, which are specially designed to stand up to the everyday demands of a busy showroom or commercial warehouse.

Commercial Garage Flooring


Floor coatings for a commercial garage or workshop must be super strong, last for years and be highly resistant to chipping, scuffing and scratching. When you combine the practicality and durability of an epoxy garage floor with a slip resistant floor treatment, you have a floor which is secure underfoot for staff and clients.

Its natural resistance to oils and lubricants found in mechanical workshops make this product a safe and sensible choice. Epoxy flooring is so versatile, we can even include colour coded floor plans to comply with OH&S requirements when you need to identify designated areas, physical hazards and potentially dangerous stores or equipment.

Office Flooring


Whether you require seamless flooring throughout your office, or a combination of carpet in the main reception and offices and epoxy flooring in the wet areas, such as the kitchen and bathrooms, epoxy flooring is an economical and easy to maintain flooring surface for your office.

Showroom Flooring


When anyone walks into your showroom, you want to be sure that you have created a welcoming environment which provides a great first impression. Professionally installed commercial grade epoxy flooring, ensures that your business is always presented at its very best.

The colours and options available from Tough Floors are aesthetically pleasing, affordable and hard wearing, with the added bonus of being quite easily maintained. We can match your showroom floor to meet your specific requirements, providing a memorable and unique result for every project.

Warehouse Flooring


For maximum efficiency, safety and practicality, an industrial grade epoxy floor offers you the ultimate in warehouse flooring.

Highly resistant to abrasion, with optional slip resistant treatment, epoxy flooring is an extremely practical, low maintenance and affordable flooring solution. Designed to stand up to the everyday rigours of a busy commercial warehouse, epoxy flooring will remain intact and looking fresh for years to come.

NOTE: we currently only operate in the SE Qld Region