Interior Flooring

Residential interior flooring needs to be highly considered. We work with Designers, Architects, Builders and home owners to achieve a specified look in a quality finish. There are many options and designs available with epoxy resin flooring and as such, we work to specifications through a high level of communication along with sample boards.

Some of the considerations could be high gloss, satin finish, slip resistant, UV stable, impact resistant, easy cleaning and maintenance so these areas need to be discussed in detail.

As our work will impact your accessibility to your home, if you are living there, we will coordinate a schedule that includes departure, regular updates and a return schedule.

With interior flooring, our preference is to coat onto concrete as this will have the best adhesion. We can also overcoat some tiles and if there is any cement sheeting, can create good work onto this too. Over coating tiles takes extra processes but can beat the cost of ripping up the tiles.

We also discuss other finishes such as skirting boards and sealing between the skirting boards and floor.