What look or purpose are you wanting to achieve? Much of the work we do is to ascertain what ‘look’ and ‘feel’ our clients are seeking. We’ll determine colour schemes, what level of slip resistance is required based on variables like the age of children, any pets, regular visitors and other areas that could include factoring in swimming pools, stairs, play areas, ramps and areas prone to hazards, slips and falls.

For larger areas and specific decorative projects, we will work to achieve the look you’re after with sample boards. For visual people, it will indicate how the finished floor can look.

Our Process

We follow guidelines for every aspect of flooring we complete. The preparation methods can vary depending on substrate soundness and structural integrity.

When preparing concrete, we diamond grind as opposed to acid etching. We feel this gives a better base for the epoxy to stick to. Further, the acid needs to go somewhere. It will generally be a drain, street or garden.

Diamond grinding opens up the pores of the concrete in order for the product to stick better. It also removes the impurities and other barriers between the concrete and epoxy.

We patch holes and cracks using various appropriate products. Some of these products set as hard as the concrete itself. If there are saw cuts and expansion joints on the floor, we typically coat up to and into them but not over them. We will assess the outcomes with you.

Depending on the finish and the timeframe you’re looking to achieve this in, we will use different products. For example, when patching a commercial kitchen, generally, the kitchen needs to be back functioning the following day so we would use a fast drying commercial grade product that can withstand the rigours of typical commercial kitchen activity. However, the same product may not be suitable for the industrial warehouse with daily forklift activity on it.

Dry times are dictated by the product selection, varying seasons, temperatures and humidity as well as thickness of application. We aim to be effective first, then efficient but will keep you abreast of our activity as we go.


We will give guidance on how best to keep your floor looking in great condition, depending on the purpose and flooring environment. Regardless of the finish, a common feedback comment we hear is that the newly coated floor is much easier to clean than the previous bare concrete. There is less dust, no areas for bacteria to hide and even a basic dry mop can produce desired results.