Medical Flooring for Healthcare and Veterinary Clinics

While medical centres or specialist centres such as Podiatrists or Physiotherapists, Dentists and even cosmetic clinics all offer very different services, they all share one thing in common. They all require a hygienic environment in which to operate safely. This is also a priority for Vets and pet grooming services who look after our four-legged friends. The key to achieving this is seamlessly laid, durable, slip resistant commercial grade epoxy flooring installed by professionals. With qualified and experienced staff, Tough Floors are the go to commercial epoxy flooring specialists in Brisbane.

The seamless nature of epoxy resin flooring means there are no cracks or joints for bacteria to hide and grow, making it easier to maintain high levels of hygiene. Epoxy or resin flooring works so well because it is aesthetically pleasing and functional, delivering exceptional resistance to chemicals, bacteria and other contaminants.

If you are a Practice Manager, Interior Designer or medical professional refurbishing your practice or you are building a new practice, please contact our team at Tough Floors to consult on your project. Please view more examples of our work on our Projects page.

Veterinary Centre Flooring

Visiting the Vet can be either traumatic or exciting for our pets. The experience can result in nervous pees or other little ‘accidents’ in waiting areas, corridors or consultation rooms. These incidents are easily managed by installing resin flooring. It’s a practical and hard-wearing solution, which is quick and easy to clean when accidents do occur.

Vets love the peace of mind that the slip resistant properties a professionally installed resin flooring provides. Not only is this type of custom flooring installation robust enough to cope with accidents, it is also comfortable to walk on for pets and safe for pet owners and veterinary staff.

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Medical Rooms, Surgeries and Clinics

To protect the community and comply with the stringent standards and conditions set by the health sector in Australia, medical rooms, clinics and surgeries must offer a safe, hygienic environment in which to operate. The key to meeting the standard required is a seamlessly laid, durable, slip resistant, commercial grade epoxy floor. Installing this style of flooring is a job for the professionals who are experienced and knowledgeable.

Unlike conventional tiling, there are no joins or grout for germs and bacteria to hide and multiply in. The easy clean properties of an Epoxy Floor make it simple to dry vacuum, mop and sanitise, whilst the slip resistant properties ensure it is safe underfoot for patients and staff alike.

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